D. Mohan Kumar M.Sc., M.Phil, is an Associate Professor in Animal Science. He is an avid electronics enthusiast and has been designing circuits for the past 20 years. In this period he has supported many electronics/electrical engineering students in their final year projects. He is a regular contributor to Electronics For You magazine http://electronicsforu.com/electronicsforu/default.asp which is South Asia’s largest circulating electronics magazine published from New Delhi.

This page will be updated with topics related to Science, specially the topics from Biology and Electronics.The postings will be helpful for students and teachers to update their knowledge.The topics are distributed in various categories given in the front page.You can select the category to view the postings.

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You can contribute Articles. You can request circuit designs. Just mail to dmohankumarwc@gmail.com

 An email from Monterrey of Mexico…..

A big hello, this information is of the largest and most important thing I’ve seen so far, because in other blogs give you a little information diagrams and the operation of the circuit, and here is detailed, it seemed to me something very , very special, many thanks
God bless you
From Monterrey Mex.

Steve Brown says an inspiring comment on my Mobile Bug circuit published in EFY……….. Congratulations on developing such a simple detector for mobile phone detection.
It has clearly created a lot of interest since you first published in 2008 and i am sure
you must be getting tired of responding to queries and questions about it.

Just wondered if you had carried out further work to make the design work at a lower
battery voltage e.g 3 – 5V (Li Po etc) and make it more band-limited to reduce pick-up
from DECT and WiFi LAN at around 2.4GHz. The limitation will probably be the CA3130
which is only guaranteed down to 5V but i know it will probably work down to 3 – 4V.
The NE555 can easily be replaced with an LMC555 which will operate down to 1.5V.
The design should also work for the CA3140 op-amp. Is there a low voltage equivalent
that can work equally as well as the 3130/3140?

I have read your extended explanation of how circuit works and was a little bit confused
by the need for the both 5-inch antenna AND the 0.22uF capacitor. I assume the 5-inch
anntenna collects the RF signal (tuned partly by the 22pF caps) and the 0.22uF acts as
a tuned resonator at GHz frequency?

Anyway, thanks once again for publishing your design and allowing people to experiment
with electronics. I am sure you have made one or two enterprising individuals quite wealthy developing this idea into a commercial bug-detector product….. Through e-mail.

Brilliant! You’ve written a very precised description about power inverters, or let’s just call it home inverters. I like how you pin-pointed each facts. Thanks.Duane Morris,St-Laurent, Quebec H4R 2B9 Canada. http://www.dcacpower.com/

I want to use  article Bluetooth technology in my website. Thats so useful

NOTEBOOK DEPOT INC.2857 Sherwood Heights Drive  Unit 18
Oakville, ON   L6J 7J9,Canada.

Debra Greene, PhD on Electromagnetic Radiation…..

Thank you for this valuable information! The multi-billion dollar wireless industry does not want people to know about the dangers. If you want a visual on the issue, check out my video, Eight Household Electronics That Are Hurting You, in which I hired a Master Electrician to go through my house and measure the radiation from common household appliances. The results were shocking and scary. In the video I offer solutions: http://www.YourEnergyMatters.com/radiation.asp. Thank you!

Singledgrowlight – Shenzhen, Guangdong, China Says ….I am pleased to see some one is thinking of saving energy, we also doing invention in the lighting industry, but our products are Led.


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  2. hello sir,
    I reach your site quite accidentally. Nice to meet you sir, because I heard of the name “D Mohan Kumar” from EFY . I’m a BTech electronics student at Mar Baselios Christian College of Engg: Peermade,Idukki and I’m an electronics hobbyist from my childhood. NowI’m interested in Micro controller programming.

    your blog is really helpful.
    yours faithfully,

    mishal abe varghese

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