Viva Page

Many of the Students  are giving the key word Viva – electronics in Google Search engine and they are directed to this Web page. Hence a New page is started here to support students to answer Viva Voce easily. This page will be updated regularly with new topics.


Skin Response Meter- Viva Questions

  1. Common Disc Capacitors
  2. Current in AC Capacitor
  3. Easy Identification of Resistor Value
  4. How a Transformer works
  5. How Bargrapgh IC Works
  6. How Colour coded capacitors are identified
  7. How IR Sensor Photomodules work
  8. How the Binary counter IC CD 4060 works
  9. How the Disc capacitor is identified
  10. How the gain of a Non Inverting Amplifier is determined
  11. How to calculate the Heat sink value
  12. How to calculate Zener current limiter resistor
  13. How to Identify a Diode
  14. How to identify colour coded Inductor
  15. How to measure Current and Voltage
  16. How Triac works
  17. LED Series resistor value calculation
  18. Relation between Current,Voltage and Resistance
  19. Secrete behind the LED
  20. Table showing common Disc Capacitors
  21. What is an Inverting Amplifier
  22. What is an Op Amp
  23. What is Class D Amplifier
  24. What is Diac
  25. What is E.M.F
  26. What is Electrical Energy
  27. What is Electro Magnetic Compatibility
  28. What is FET
  29. What is Frequency Modulation
  30. What is Gas Discharge Arrester
  31. What is Infrared LED
  32. What is Laser Diode
  33. What is PCB
  34. What is SCR
  35. What is Voltage Regulator
  36. Basic Tools for Electronics Work
  37. Battery Backup Circuit
  38. Common Audio and Power Supply Connectors
  39. How a Transistor works
  40. How Electronic Energy Meter Works
  41. How Infrared Sensors Work
  42. How Laser Diode Works
  43. How LCD Works
  44. How LED Emits Light
  45. How LED gives color
  46. How many years an LED live
  47. How OLED emits light
  48. How to calculate AC power
  49. How to calculate the value of LED resistor
  50. How to calculate Voltage and Current in a Resistor
  51. How to Calculate Watts
  52. How to Design a Transistor Amplifier
  53. How to Design a Triac controlled Circuit
  54. How to determine Zener Value
  55. How to Identify 4 Band Resistor
  56. How to Identify a Resistor easily
  57. How to Identify a Resistor using Colour Code
  58. How to maintain NiMH Battery
  59. How to make a Zener Regulated power supply
  60. How White LED Gives light
  61. Ohms Law
  62. Pin out of Components
  63. Power Dissipation formula
  64. Rectifier Diode Characters
  65. Some Zener Applications
  66. Table showing Resistor colour code and Value
  67. Table showing the code and value of X Rated Capacitors
  68. Table showing the Pins of Common Transistors
  69. Voltage Divider Formula
  70. What are Gamma Rays
  71. What are Multi colour LEDs
  72. What are the advantages of LED
  73. What are the different types of LCD
  74. What are the different types of OLED
  75. What are the Precautions to be taken to avoid static electricity damage
  76. What is Bread Board
  77. What is Electromagnetic Radiation
  78. What is Electromagnetic Spectrum
  79. What is Electrostatic Discharge or ESD
  80. What is Inductance
  81. What is Infrared Radiation
  82. What is LCD
  83. What is LCD TV
  84. What is Microwave
  85. What is Mutual Inductance
  86. What is Organic LED
  87. What is Perf Board
  88. What is Photon
  89. What is Piezo Electricity
  90. What is Power Factor Correction
  91. What is Power Fraction Correction Formula
  92. What is PWM Technology
  93. What is Servo
  94. What is Static Electricity
  95. What is Strip Board or Vero Board
  96. What is Terahertz Radiation
  97. What is the Energy level in an LED
  98. What is the Light output of an LED
  99. What is the Power Rating of a Resistor
  100. What is the Power rating of Household Appliances
  101. What is the role of Smoothing Capacitor
  102. What is the structure of OLED
  103. What is the wattage of an LED
  104. What is Ultraviolet Ray
  105. What is Visible light
  106. What is X ray
  107. Why an LED requires a series resistor
  108. Router
  109. Ethernet Cable
  110. Universal Serial Bus
  111. Thermal Imaging
  112. Compact Disc Technology
  113. Ethernet Cable
  114. Router
  115. SET TOP BOX
  116. Excellent Op Amps
  117. LM 311
  118. Battery Requirs Care
  119. Transil and Trisil
Useful links
Op Amp tutorial

11 thoughts on “Viva Page

  1. Dear Sir

    i m working on mobile bug project…..
    and i too want to knw tht how a capacitor works as tiny dipole antenna?

    can u pls tell me sir????

  2. i want to make a project of sort circuit detector but in given circuit diagram only write power supply but not denote how many voltage is applied?
    please give me total information about that circuit.
    and say how to implement it

  3. Dear sir, kindly mention about
    Bridge Connection theory in your word press with working example
    (A) Kelvin bridge
    (B )Wheat stone bridge
    (C) Wein’s bridge


  4. I have circuit of laser alarm it works with 9 vault small transistor battery but it dose not work with 230 ac to 9 dc (eliminator) what is reason ?

    1. Hello Dinesh
      Laser diode is similar to an LED but it emits monochromatic laser beam. It requires 3 volts and around 40-100 mA current depending on the make.LEDs require fully rectified and ripple free voltage to give full brightness. Laser diode also requires the same. Check the eliminator current. Then replace a 1000 uF 25 volts smoothing capacitor in the eliminator.Also give a fullwave rectifier. It is better to use a 7805 regulator IC for the power supply.

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