Formula and Calculations


  1. capacitor-value-conversion
  2. current
  3. current-from-an-ac-capacitor
  4. current-in-ac-capacitor
  5. electrical-energy
  6. heat-sink-calculation
  7. inverter-selection
  8. led-resistor-calculation
  9. led-series-resistor.docx
  10. ohms-law-and-resistance
  11. power-dissipation
  12. power-factor-correction-formula
  13. power-rating-of-electric-appliances
  14. resistor-color-code1
  15. resistor-colour-code
  16. resistor-power-rating1
  17. resistor-power-rating
  18. voltage-divider
  19. watts
  20. zener-value
  21. zenervalue-calculation

6 thoughts on “Calculations

  1. Sir, i really appreciate your contribution,It is useful for all.please increase more and include formulas useful in industries in your simple and to the point style. Sir, I need your help to explain in detail about variable frequency inverters.I want to know about their working,their cards detail,how to repair and how to use them according to their terminals and parameters in simple way not as mentioned in their user manual.I think user manual is only helpful for those who already know about inverters.
    Thanks a lot and best regards

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