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AC Powered Night LED


No need of a circuit diagram.Connect 1N 4007 diode, a White LED and 33K 1 watt resistor in series with Phase and Neutral of 220 V AC. It is similar to commercial type night lamp. You can fix it in the switch board itself. But need caution since it is directly connected to AC. Continue reading “AC Powered Night LED”

Exact value resistor for 1 watt LED

1 Watt LEDs are widely used in Emergency lights and LED lights. Most of the circuits use 4 volt battery having 0.5 to 4 Ah capacity. The 1 watt LED is rated 3.6 volts so we need the correct value resistor for LED to get maximum brightness. Let us see how the LED resistor value is determined.
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DC DC Booster Power supply with Volt Ampere Meter

The DC DC Booster 150 watts Module can be used convert 12 Volt DC to 35 Volt DC for various applications. It can be an ideal DC DC Booster to charge Laptop and Note book using 12 volt Car DC charger socket. It can also be used to increase the Solar output voltage in low light conditions. It gives maximum 6 Amps current . Continue reading “DC DC Booster Power supply with Volt Ampere Meter”

AC powered PIR Light

A Compact design of PIR Motion Sensor light using Transformerless power supply and Triac for switching. Everything can be enclosed in a small case. Light turns on when it senses human movement and remains on for three minutes and turns off. Retriggers in another movement. Detection range is 10 meters maximum.
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