Is it possible to see our energy? Fact File 30

Yes, we can. We have to use Kirlian imaging for that. There is an invisible halo around our body produced by the electromagnetic field called L-Field or Life Field. This L- field appears in measurable quantities and offers great promise in determining the physiological and psychological states of the body. Kirlian imaging is the method of representing energy forms of the body in a visual form. The method rely on the fact that all living organisms emits energy in various forms like heat ,light, sound, chemical energy etc due to the internal metabolism. By using the Kirlian photography, these energy forms can be imaged.

The L- Field of an organism greatly determines its life activities, development etc. The L-Field is greatly influenced by the planets, lunar, solar cycles etc. By reading the L-Field, it is possible to predict ovulation cycle in females, development of internal scars, diagnosis of ailments etc. Studies have revealed that the L-Field reaches its maximum at full moon and changes in L-Field affects the mental and emotional states of human beings. The emotional activity involves mobilization of electrical energy, changes in brain wave etc. So it is easy to determine the emotional state by measuring the L-Field of the body.

The biological basis of Kirlian photography is the Biomagnetism and the L-Field of human body. Biomagnetism refers to the electromagnetic field produced by the living cells during their activities. The Bioelectromagnetism is the generation of an electric current by the action potentials during membrane depolarization and the magnetism thus produced. The living cells use this bioelectricity to store and release energy. Many animals use the Biomagnetism in their daily life. Some animals use the biosensors to detect the magnetic fields during movement. Birds for example have the ability to detect the magnetic field of earth during migration. Fishes like Electric eel and Electric ray emits strong electric field from the body. In human body different forms of Biomagnetism like brain waves, myoelectricity etc exists. Some touch screens use the biomagnetic field from the finger tip to activate the electron flow in the touch screen.

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How Liquid vaporizer expels mosquito? Fact File 28

Liquid repellents are now widely used to repel mosquitoes. The Liquidator mosquito repellent has a graphite rod in the middle and the bottle is filled with the repellent. There is a heater coil in the liquidator. The repellent chemical when comes in to contact with the heated rod turns into fume which disables the sensors of the mosquitoes. The fumes produced by the repellent blocks the chemo sensors of mosquitoes so that they cannot identify human beings.

Liquid mosquito repellents contain chemicals such as ,Prallelthrin , Allethrin etc. Of these the most commonly used one is Pralletrhin. Prallethrin is a pyrethroid chemical used as an insecticide. It is an Yellow to amber viscous liquid. d -trans-Prallethrin is a potent contact insecticide which produces a rapid knock-down, with same chemical and physical properties as Prallethrin.d-trans-Allethrin  is also a  powerful repellent used in mosquito coil and liquid.

These chemicals in the form of vapors block the chemo reception and also the respiratory tracts of the mosquitoes and thus they avoid the hostile situation.The chemical repellents used as mosquito repellents are toxic substances. Even though the concentration of the ingredient is in a safe level, this may cause allergic and respiratory problems in some persons. Precautions are recommended by the manufacturers and these include

1. Avoid inhalation and skin contact.

2. Wash contaminated skin & eyes.

3. Destroy empty containers after use.

4. Keep away from food stuff and animal feeds.

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Why People behave differently? Fact File 17

Not their fault, but the result of evolutionary change to bring variation and viability in the population. Personality of human beings reflects in their behaviour in the society such as interaction with fellow beings, doing daily activities, doing competitive works etc. According to researchers, human beings belong to three classes based on their behaviour. Type A behaviour also called TAB personality is characterized by the competitive attitude and enthusiasm. So most of such personalities are workaholic. They can be referred to as Stress Junkies because they are always concerned about the job. Type B personalities on the other hand are generally patient, relaxed and easy going. The AB personalities show a mixed behaviour and they cannot be clearly categorized as either Type A or Type B personality.

Type A individual are ambitious, aggressive, controlling, highly competitive, impatient, and time conscious persons.Type B personality is almost perfect when compared to Type A personality. They are generally patient, relaxed, easy going, lack overriding, sense of urgency etc. Type B personality is apathetic and are disengaged persons as experts says. They often do jobs silently without showing much stress. Competitive mentality and sense of impatience are less in Type B persons.

AB personality is a hybrid behavior showing both Type A and Type B characteristics. They have mixed profiles and difficult to categorize as Type A or Type B persons. Health psychology studies say that the mental health and physical health are closely related. But still there are controversies among psychologists and researchers to classify personalities based on sample data and merely observing behavior. Some researchers have the opinions that, the personality can change due to learning, social behavior and also due to the changes in the living environment and life styles.
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How Voltage drop makes Bill hike? Fact File 16


Voltage drop in the power line is known as Brown out since it causes the bulb to dim. Brown out is a serious condition which can cause poor performance of electrical or electronic equipments or it may permanently damage them. Voltage drop in the domestic power supply increases power consumption, especially in high current devices using motor and heating element. The increase in current consumption is meant for compensating the voltage loss. This is the reason why the Incandescent bulb becomes too hot in low voltage.

Power consumption of the appliance and the supply voltage are related. As per the equation, I= W/V . Here I is the current consumed in Amperes, W the wattage of the appliance and V is the voltage in the domestic supply. For example, a Fridge rated 300 watts working in  230 volts AC, consumes 300 / 230 = 1.3 Amps current. If the same Fridge operates in 180 volts, its power consumption is 300/180 = 1.6 Amps. That is, an extra 0.3 ampere current is used when there is 50 volts drop in the power line. But if the appliance is a high current device like a 1000 watts heater, the extra current consumed will be large. That is why, the power companies advice to switch off high current devices during the peak hours in the evening if there is voltage drop. When the voltage is too low, the power companies introduce Load shedding which is known as Rolling Black Out.

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Why Lightning causes Arc blast in wall sockets? Fact File 12


Lightning is the heavy discharge of accumulated charge from clouds into the earth. Its voltage may be as high as 50,000 volts or more. There exists a potential difference between the sky and earth depending on the climatic conditions. In normal sunny days, this potential difference is around 100 volts with negligible current because the air acts as a good insulator. When clouds start to accumulate in the sky, this atmospheric charge increases to 1000 volts or more. If this charge increases further to thousands of volts, sudden discharge of charge takes place which is the lightning strike.The explosion during lightning is the result of Air column breaking.
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Why Mobile Phone is prohibited in Petrol Outlets? Fact File 8

Answer is simple. Mobile phone can cause an explosion. How this happens? Petrol is  highly inflammable and its gas vapour is present around the outlet in an inflammable form. At the same time,static electricity is also in the atmosphere, and on the surface of objects.

Static electricity in an imbalance in the amount of positive and negative charges within the surface of an object. There is strong e-field around these charges whether the charges are moving or still. Contact induced charge separation’ causes instant static discharges in the form of unnoticed sparks. Static electricity is most often noticed in dry climates. Mobile phone emits very strong radiation which is sufficient to cause sparks due to turbo charging. The same effect is applicable to LPG also. So do not use Mobile phone in Petrol outlets and near LPG cylinder.
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Why we are so Happy or Sad? Fact File 7

We have both Pleasure centre and Pain centre in the brain. When there is over stress, the pleasure centre will be inoperative so that the normal enjoyable moments will not give any pleasure. Into our brain, millions of messages are passing  daily, of which some are happy messages and others, are sad messages. Brains cells communicate each other through the chemical messengers produced by them to make the body prepared to cope up with the situations. If the messages are happy, then the Endorphin system responsible for the happy mood will be elicited. The sad messages are also carried by the brain messengers which causes mood alteration and  loss feeling. Most nerve centers in the brain are capable of receiving both happy and sad messengers and as long as their input is balanced, everything runs normally.If a person is capable of using these happy messengers wisely, he feels that stress is challenging, fun and enjoyable.Don’t be anxious about the future, and don’t be too much ambitious . A person living in  the real world  will have pastpresent and future. But a person under stress will not have these . We know past, but we don’t know future. So it is better to live in present.

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