QR Code and its uses


This image is familiar to you because it is now printed in the packing of many products including Mobile phone. It is the Quick Response code or QR code used as a Bar code for storing information about the product. It is a “Mobile readable” code that can be used to connect with the website of the manufacturer directly to get the details of the product. Users with a camera phone equipped with the correct reader application (QR Code decoding software) can scan the image of the QR code to display text, contact information or directly connect to the website. This mechanism of linking Physical world objects is called “Hard linking” or “Object hyper linking”.
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Pen Computing

The method of computer user interface using Tablet and Pen instead of mouse and key board is known as Pen Computing. Use of touch screen devices like Mobile phones, GPS, PDA etc using the Pen as input is also referred to as Pen Computing. Pen Computing essentially has a Stylus commonly known as the Pen and a hand writing detection device called Tablet. First Stylus called Styalator was used by Tom Dimond in 1957 as the computer input.

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Tablet PC. How Stuff Works

Tablet PC or Tablet computer is the small sized PC with all the features of an ordinary Desktop computer. It is named so because of its shape and size and is essentially a mini laptop. It has a rotatable touch screen and operates in Widows and Linux. The concept of Tablet PC was developed by Microsoft in 2001 and now the term Tablet is also used for small touch screen devices functions like a PC.

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Computing Mouse. How Stuff Works

Computer Mouse ( Computing Mouse) is the input device of the computer which is a pointing device that detects the two dimensional motion relative to its supporting surface. The mouse has two or three buttons, to control the desktop screen and to provide various commands to the PC. The mouse sometime has a wheel to perform system dependent operations. The motion of the mouse is translated into the motion of the pointer on the display which controls the Graphical User Interface (GUI). Old type mouse has a ball to move on the surface but modern optical mouse uses reflected light to activate the circuitry inside. The Optical mouse has one or more Red LED and a Photodiode detector to accept the reflected light from the LED. The Photodiode detects the mouse movement relative to the underlying surface such as mouse pad or table top. In some mouse, laser is used instead of LED. The driver communicate the mouse movements in standard units called “Mickeys”

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How to protect our Image? Fact File 20

Simple but less use. A tricky person can do anything because there are many free software to remove all the markings even the digital marking on the image. But if we give protection mark, majority will think twice before going to do the trick. Majority of people are using the images in facebook and blogs after downloading from other websites. But most of the people are aware about the copy right rules and they do not use the image if there is a copy right symbol. If you use the photo of a scenery or gadget, it will not harm much but it is serious if you use an artistic work, graphic designs or rare image without permission.

Some images are free downloadable sharing images and you can use such images indicating the source. But close watch the images containing the statement or other indications showing protection. Down load and use the image only after getting permission from the author. Some images are simple without any copy right and the authors will not have any objection to use it in other websites.

Image theft is the unauthorized copying and use of Images and Photographs from documents including the electronic media. Some people are deliberately ignoring this matter and simply downloading,and using the images in their websites or blogs without seeking the permission of the author. How to solve these problems? Here are some tips to protect your images even though it will not give sufficient protection since a tricky person can do many things.

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Hitting 2,00000

The inspiration behind this blog was a mail from WordPress on April 3, 2010 inviting me to start a blog in the 3 GB free space they are providing. After registering the domain, I was in dilemma about the content. After a long thought, I decided to free my electronics and biology contents sleeping well in my PC’s hard disk. The Academic Blog started growing slowly with … Continue reading Hitting 2,00000

Interactive White Board

Interactive white board is an interactive display device that displays the computer screen and the desktop can be controlled by an electronic pen. Interactive White board is also known as Smart Board because it creates a smart atmosphere in the class room. A projector, projects the computer screen on to the interactive board and the user  controls the PC through the surface of the board. It is easy to control all the actions of the computer through the board. You can write or draw on the interactive board using finger or electronic pen. The writing and drawings can be saved in the computer.  All the operations on the computer can be realized on the Interactive board.Interactive white boards are now widely used in classroom teaching, presentations etc.

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