Hacked Mobile Battery. Start Up Project 13

4AHere is a “Green Project” for you to reuse the discarded Mobile phone battery. When I purchased a new Mobile phone, the old one became junk. But it has a very good high efficiency and long lasting Lithium Ion battery rated 3.7 V, 1800 mAh. So I decided to reuse the battery for an alternate purpose. A simple power supply with DC- DC Booster capacity and a White LED emergency light. It can be charged from any USB charger or Laptop. Its output can be adjusted from 3.7V to 37 volts. The DC-DC Booster module boosts 3.7V from the Mobile battery up to 37 volts when turning the pot. The Power supply unit is ideal to power all projects that require 3.7 V to 37V. Its emergency light helps to do work in low light conditions. You have a number of Mobile battery in your Junk box. So try this Green project .It is a worth.
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Accelerometer. Component Guide 12

Accelerometer ModuleAccelerometer is an Electromechanical device that measures the acceleration process. The forces may be Static or Dynamic. Accelerometer Chip is now available to interface with the Micro controller based projects like Robotics, Drones etc. It is a tiny chip that senses the tilt and with reference to the G-force ( Gravity) it generates a tiny output voltage. A Comparator will measure the voltage and accordingly the micro controller sends signals for the corresponding movement.
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DS 18B20 Digital Temperature Sensor. Component Guide 9

DS-18B-20 DS 18B20 is a Programmable Digital Temperature sensor that gives Digital outputs based on the temperature. It provides 9-12 configurable Bit temperature readings which indicate the temperature of the device. Information is sent to / from to connect from a Central Microprocessor to the DS 18B20. Power for reading, writing and temperature conversion can be derived from the Data line itself so that no external power source is needed.
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TCRT 5000 Reflective Sensor. Component Guide 8

Reflective-Optical-Sensor-TTCRT 5000 is a highly sensitive IR reflective Sensor that has an IR lED and a Phototransistor in a common package. It is an ideal module for projects like Robotics, Position sensing, Detection of Reflective materials etc. Its range is 2-10 mm and best response range is 3 mm.
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