Dropbox sharing


Difficulty in sending full size images through email? Here is a simple solution to share images and videos to anybody through email. Dropbox software provides 2 GB free space for sharing images and videos. Once the Dropbox software is installed in your computer, you can share the folder containing images as a whole within a few minutes. When the recipient opens the internet connection, the folder will be downloaded automatically. Let us see the method of installation of Dropbox and the image sharing method.

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Mayans Calendar How it Works


I am slightly deviating at this moment because everybody in the world is now eagerly discussing about 21st December and the Mayans Calendar. What is this Calendar and what is its importance? Let us see how it works. The Mayans calendar is the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar that is characterized by its non repeating nature. The long count calendar identifies a day by counting the number of days passed since the Mythical creation date corresponds to August 11 BCE 3114 in the Gregorian calendar.Scholars of the Mayan Civilization were expert in Sky watching and they predicted the condition of Sky on Dec 21, 2012. This day will be a Winter Solstice. The Sun is going to exactly overlap with the intersect point of Ecliptic of the Milky Way and Equator.

The Maya were an ancient civilization of the now called Central America and Southern Mexico. During their heyday, the Mayans have developed some calendars to track the sacred days and also to mark the start and end of cyclical periods. They developed one calendar called Long Count and tracked the future long time periods. This calendar starts in 3114 BCE and it marked time in roughly 394 year period known as Baktuns. In one long future cycle, they marked December 21, 2012 as the end of the long cycle. The Mayans wrote that the significant 13th Baktun ends in December 21, 2012. According to Mayans calendar, the Long Count resets to on 21.12.2012.
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Why careless marking makes mistake in OMR ? Fact File 23

Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) is the technique used to scan a marked paper to detect the presence or absence of the mark in a predetermined position. The OMR reader illuminates a beam of strong light onto the paper for recognizing the marks. The contrasting reflectivity at the predetermined positions is then utilized to detect the marked positions on the paper. The marked areas reflect less light compared to the blank or unmarked areas. If the darkening of bubbles is not perfect or incomplete, the Reader fails to identify the marks and leave the areas as unmarked.

The most important use of OMR is the detection of pencil marked bubbles in optical answer sheets used in Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) examinations. The personal information of the candidate is marked in the data part of the OMR by darkening the appropriate circles. Similarly the answers are also marked by bubbling the suitable circles in the preprinted answer sheet. The OMR reader scans the answer sheet to recover the data and answers. The answer sheets are then graded automatically by the OMR reader. Even if you mark the correct position, if the marking is incomplete, you will not get the score due to error reading.

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Is human being communicate through Odour? Fact File 5

Absolutely No. The chemicals called Pheromones in the sweat do not have to be consciously perceived to affect the recipient, but have been shown to affect our behavior when used at subconscious levels. Humans, like other animals also release pheromones from the body, but its quantity is less significant since it has no relevance in communication. In the course of evolution, humans have lost the ability to detect and respond to pheromone consciously. But researchers say that perception to pheromones is still in our brain but at the subconscious level. At an instinctive level, the pheromones dictate our interaction with other humans. Researchers say that the Andropenes significantly influence the Aggressive behaviour, Sociability, masculinity, affection etc of males. Likewise the Copulins of females can influence the brain of males to alter the behaviour. But We human beings are highly hygienic, so that our pheromones are the victims of daily bath. Use of perfumes, deodorants, body sprays etc also kill our pheromones so they cannot do anything in our daily life. Let us see some unbelievable but interesting findings.

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Mode of e- Filing

E-Filing is the method of filing official forms though online. With the advancement of the IT, more and more official websites are changing to user friendly for submitting the official as well as personal details through e filing. The method is simple, reliable and saves time and paper work. Income tax returns filing is one typical example. Tax payment is mandatory for all citizens having a fixed income from various sources. In India, the Income Tax department has e-filing portal to file tax returns. Here explains the method of e filing.

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