e- Paper. How Stuff Works


e–Paper or Electronic paper is a kind of display technology used to mimic the appearance of an ordinary ink on the paper. Electronic paper displays the content using the reflected light so that reading is comfortable like the reading of a book. The e- Paper devices have large surface and wider viewing angle than other types of displays like LDC and LED displays. E-Paper can give clarity and without fading even in sunlight. Applications of e-Paper technology include e-Reader, Mobile phone display, Electronic bill boards, digital displays in commercial establishments etc. The Electronic paper technology can hold the static text indefinitely without using electricity.
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3D Glass. How stuff works

Have you seen a 3D Film? It is really interesting and the images appear as seen in normal eyes in a  Three dimensional view. Now 3D films, 3D TV etc are popular and we are on the verge of a 3D boom. Special kind of glasses are provided in movie theaters to watch 3D Films. The 3D imaging or 3D animation uses special technology to record the film and special kinds of glasses are necessary to view the film. If you remove these glasses and watch the same movie with naked eyes, the incredible 3D experience would vanish and you would land up viewing distorted/blurred pictures. The 3D effect is due to an illusion of the depth to the viewer. Let us see the trick behind the 3D technology.

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Mobile Phone. How Stuff Works

A Mobile phone is an electronic device used for mobile telecommunications over a cellular network of specialized base stations known as cell sites. A cell phone offers full Duplex Communication and transfer the link when the user moves from one cell to another. As the phone user moves from one cell area to another, the system automatically commands the Mobile phone and a cell site with a stronger signal, to switch on to a new frequency in order to keep the link.

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How to Avoid Mobile phone related Accidents? Solution File 4

Mobile phone makes accidents? Occasionally, it is the main reason for accidents in roads and railway tracks. How it happens? Answer is simple. Due to cognitive loading and in attention blindness, the user gives more priority to the cellphone talk than the social situation. With the advancement of technology and a sudden drop in the cost of cellphone use, every person has a cellphone in his pocket or bag. But majority ignore the facts like how, where or when it should be used. Let us see the impacts of cellphone use in public life and how it leads to accidents.

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How to Overcome Migraine attack? Solution File 2

Definitely, Migraine is a headache in our life. At any time it can break in Migraine prone individuals with moderate to severe headache in association with many psycho somatic symptoms. The word Migraine came from the Greek word Hemikrania meaning pain on the side of the head. Migraine attack is usually unilateral affecting one half of the head with painful throbbing and associated symptoms like Nausea, Vomiting etc. Photophobia (aversion to light), Phonophobia (irritability to sounds), Visual disturbances, Fatigue etc are also associated with the Migraine attack. Around one third of people with Migraine, perceive an Aura which is a transient visual, motor and sensory disturbance indicating the starting of Migraine attack. As experts say, Migraine is not a disease but a condition triggered by multiple factors which may vary from persons to persons. Let us see the reasons, symptoms and methods to avoid migraine attack.
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Why our PC is lagging? Fact File 40

Answer is simple. It is loaded with data and hence memory loss. A good PC will open the page or down load a matter with a single click. To make the PC fast, we have to do something. These are the tips to make your PC fresh and active.

1. Do not save files and images in the Desktop. It is managed by the drive C which already contains too much data.

2. Save files in other drives like D, E etc.

3. Make separate folders like Personal, Video, Image, Song etc in the D and E drives and save the files in the folders. This will keep the drive clean to see and it is easy to find out the files. Also arrange the files based on Type so that similar files will automatically arrange in alphabetic order.

4. Remove old files, video, songs etc from PC and store it is CD or Pen drive.

5. Down load programmes only in D or E drives. Do not use Drive C for saving down loaded programmes. It will make the PC slow.

6. Do not keep large files like Video in PC. It will consume large space and also makes PC slow and hanging. Store videos in CD.

Let us see the PC cleaning methods
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Why careless marking makes mistake in OMR ? Fact File 23

Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) is the technique used to scan a marked paper to detect the presence or absence of the mark in a predetermined position. The OMR reader illuminates a beam of strong light onto the paper for recognizing the marks. The contrasting reflectivity at the predetermined positions is then utilized to detect the marked positions on the paper. The marked areas reflect less light compared to the blank or unmarked areas. If the darkening of bubbles is not perfect or incomplete, the Reader fails to identify the marks and leave the areas as unmarked.

The most important use of OMR is the detection of pencil marked bubbles in optical answer sheets used in Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) examinations. The personal information of the candidate is marked in the data part of the OMR by darkening the appropriate circles. Similarly the answers are also marked by bubbling the suitable circles in the preprinted answer sheet. The OMR reader scans the answer sheet to recover the data and answers. The answer sheets are then graded automatically by the OMR reader. Even if you mark the correct position, if the marking is incomplete, you will not get the score due to error reading.

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