How to Avoid Mobile phone related Accidents? Solution File 4

Mobile phone makes accidents? Occasionally, it is the main reason for accidents in roads and railway tracks. How it happens? Answer is simple. Due to cognitive loading and in attention blindness, the user gives more priority to the cellphone talk than the social situation. With the advancement of technology and a sudden drop in the cost of cellphone use, every person has a cellphone in his pocket or bag. But majority ignore the facts like how, where or when it should be used. Let us see the impacts of cellphone use in public life and how it leads to accidents.

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How to Overcome Migraine attack? Solution File 2

Definitely, Migraine is a headache in our life. At any time it can break in Migraine prone individuals with moderate to severe headache in association with many psycho somatic symptoms. The word Migraine came from the Greek word Hemikrania meaning pain on the side of the head. Migraine attack is usually unilateral affecting one half of the head with painful throbbing and associated symptoms like Nausea, Vomiting etc. Photophobia (aversion to light), Phonophobia (irritability to sounds), Visual disturbances, Fatigue etc are also associated with the Migraine attack. Around one third of people with Migraine, perceive an Aura which is a transient visual, motor and sensory disturbance indicating the starting of Migraine attack. As experts say, Migraine is not a disease but a condition triggered by multiple factors which may vary from persons to persons. Let us see the reasons, symptoms and methods to avoid migraine attack.
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Why People behave differently? Fact File 17

Not their fault, but the result of evolutionary change to bring variation and viability in the population. Personality of human beings reflects in their behaviour in the society such as interaction with fellow beings, doing daily activities, doing competitive works etc. According to researchers, human beings belong to three classes based on their behaviour. Type A behaviour also called TAB personality is characterized by the competitive attitude and enthusiasm. So most of such personalities are workaholic. They can be referred to as Stress Junkies because they are always concerned about the job. Type B personalities on the other hand are generally patient, relaxed and easy going. The AB personalities show a mixed behaviour and they cannot be clearly categorized as either Type A or Type B personality.

Type A individual are ambitious, aggressive, controlling, highly competitive, impatient, and time conscious persons.Type B personality is almost perfect when compared to Type A personality. They are generally patient, relaxed, easy going, lack overriding, sense of urgency etc. Type B personality is apathetic and are disengaged persons as experts says. They often do jobs silently without showing much stress. Competitive mentality and sense of impatience are less in Type B persons.

AB personality is a hybrid behavior showing both Type A and Type B characteristics. They have mixed profiles and difficult to categorize as Type A or Type B persons. Health psychology studies say that the mental health and physical health are closely related. But still there are controversies among psychologists and researchers to classify personalities based on sample data and merely observing behavior. Some researchers have the opinions that, the personality can change due to learning, social behavior and also due to the changes in the living environment and life styles.
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How Mobile Messaging affect our Language expression? Fact File 14

Most people use shorthand language for sending SMS and in email chat. This popular short hand language is known as Internet Slang. With the introduction of computer based communication, the Internet slang words popularized because of its simplicity and time saving feature. The Slang involves the use of informal words and expressions which are not considered as the standard dialect. The origin of the Slang word has some connection with the Thieve’scant which are the broken words and codes once used by the thieves to convey their secret messages.

SMS is the fancy of young people especially students and the Mobile companies provide offers to increase its use as a trick to promote mobile use and to keep the users in their network. Unknowingly most people are in a state of Mobile addition. Slang words can influence our language expression, vocabulary etc to a certain extent. For verbal communication, we have two centres in the brain. The Wernicke centre is doing Language comprehension and the Brocas centre helps to express the language in the form of speech. When we read a sentence, the Wernicke centre conceives its idea and sends the information to the adjacent Brocas centre, which then helps to express the information in the form of speech.

If we use code words frequently, that may affect our language expression. If a child uses the code UR for sending messages frequently, he may pronounce YOUR as UoooR and sometimes he may write like this in examination. Experts say that heavy use of Codes and Slangs in internet and mobile phone may create problems in children to grasp the basic grammatical concepts and reduce their thinking and speaking ability. This also reduces the meaning of English and drops their ability to speak more phonetic.
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Why we are so Happy or Sad? Fact File 7

We have both Pleasure centre and Pain centre in the brain. When there is over stress, the pleasure centre will be inoperative so that the normal enjoyable moments will not give any pleasure. Into our brain, millions of messages are passing  daily, of which some are happy messages and others, are sad messages. Brains cells communicate each other through the chemical messengers produced by them to make the body prepared to cope up with the situations. If the messages are happy, then the Endorphin system responsible for the happy mood will be elicited. The sad messages are also carried by the brain messengers which causes mood alteration and  loss feeling. Most nerve centers in the brain are capable of receiving both happy and sad messengers and as long as their input is balanced, everything runs normally.If a person is capable of using these happy messengers wisely, he feels that stress is challenging, fun and enjoyable.Don’t be anxious about the future, and don’t be too much ambitious . A person living in  the real world  will have pastpresent and future. But a person under stress will not have these . We know past, but we don’t know future. So it is better to live in present.

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Is human being communicate through Odour? Fact File 5

Absolutely No. The chemicals called Pheromones in the sweat do not have to be consciously perceived to affect the recipient, but have been shown to affect our behavior when used at subconscious levels. Humans, like other animals also release pheromones from the body, but its quantity is less significant since it has no relevance in communication. In the course of evolution, humans have lost the ability to detect and respond to pheromone consciously. But researchers say that perception to pheromones is still in our brain but at the subconscious level. At an instinctive level, the pheromones dictate our interaction with other humans. Researchers say that the Andropenes significantly influence the Aggressive behaviour, Sociability, masculinity, affection etc of males. Likewise the Copulins of females can influence the brain of males to alter the behaviour. But We human beings are highly hygienic, so that our pheromones are the victims of daily bath. Use of perfumes, deodorants, body sprays etc also kill our pheromones so they cannot do anything in our daily life. Let us see some unbelievable but interesting findings.

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How Cell phone changes our Life? – Fact File 4

Cellphone is not a play device. It is the strongest of all electronic devices using radio waves. Unlike other wireless devices, Cell phone uses frequency in the Gigahertz range close to the Microwave band. Why it uses this frequency? Cellphone requires strongest signals free from interferences to make continuous link with the far located tower (normally 2 km radius) and the satellite. Just observe the range indicator. It is always moving which indicates the effort to make the link. If it is not getting the link, automatically it will jump to another tower. During this effort, very high bursts of radiating energy will spread around us. This kind of high energy radiation is not seen in any domestic appliances. The problem is severe since the Cellphone is always close to the body.

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