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Mayans Calendar How it Works


I am slightly deviating at this moment because everybody in the world is now eagerly discussing about 21st December and the Mayans Calendar. What is this Calendar and what is its importance? Let us see how it works. The Mayans calendar is the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar that is characterized by its non repeating nature. The long count calendar identifies a day by counting the number of days passed since the Mythical creation date corresponds to August 11 BCE 3114 in the Gregorian calendar.Scholars of the Mayan Civilization were expert in Sky watching and they predicted the condition of Sky on Dec 21, 2012. This day will be a Winter Solstice. The Sun is going to exactly overlap with the intersect point of Ecliptic of the Milky Way and Equator.

The Maya were an ancient civilization of the now called Central America and Southern Mexico. During their heyday, the Mayans have developed some calendars to track the sacred days and also to mark the start and end of cyclical periods. They developed one calendar called Long Count and tracked the future long time periods. This calendar starts in 3114 BCE and it marked time in roughly 394 year period known as Baktuns. In one long future cycle, they marked December 21, 2012 as the end of the long cycle. The Mayans wrote that the significant 13th Baktun ends in December 21, 2012. According to Mayans calendar, the Long Count resets to on 21.12.2012.
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e- Paper. How Stuff Works


e–Paper or Electronic paper is a kind of display technology used to mimic the appearance of an ordinary ink on the paper. Electronic paper displays the content using the reflected light so that reading is comfortable like the reading of a book. The e- Paper devices have large surface and wider viewing angle than other types of displays like LDC and LED displays. E-Paper can give clarity and without fading even in sunlight. Applications of e-Paper technology include e-Reader, Mobile phone display, Electronic bill boards, digital displays in commercial establishments etc. The Electronic paper technology can hold the static text indefinitely without using electricity.
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DNA Chip. How Stuff Works

Electronics is emerging as a new branch called Bionics in combination with biology since there are possibilities to explore the ideas from living organisms. Micro organisms are now considering as the major source for developing DNA chips, Molecular switch etc. This new field is the Synthetic biology.

The DNA chips opened a new era in medical research and medical diagnostics. The DNA chip can provide large quantity of genomic data of microorganisms in a few hours, so that identification of the microbe is very easy. A DNA chip is a” Micro array” of genes attached at fixed locations on a solid support like glass slide or silicon membrane.
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DNA Hard Disk. How Stuff Works

Not possible to see now because it is not available in shops. It is a future reality that may emerge as DNA based microprocessor. DNA based computing is an emerging technology using the biomolecule DNA as the data storage molecule. It is possible since DNA is doing data storage in the form of genetic information. If DNA computers emerge, it can store billions of times more data than the present computer. The DNA molecule of genes has the potential to perform calculations many times faster than the present microprocessors. By using the Nanotechnology, it is possible to create Nano computers to replace the Silicon based computers.

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MRI Scanner. How stuff works

MRI Scanner is the Medical Imaging device used to image the soft parts of the body especially the Brain. Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI is the technique used in MRI scanner to provide the detailed structure of the brain. Unlike CT (Computed Tomography) scanning, MRI uses no ionizing radiation but uses powerful magnetic field to align the nuclear magnetization of hydrogen atoms in the water content of the body. Diseased tissue, such as tumors, can be detected because the protons in different tissues return to their equilibrium state at different rates. By changing the parameters on the scanner ,this effect is used to create contrast between different types of body tissue.Patients with some metal implants, cochlear implants, and cardiac pacemakers are prevented from having an MRI scan due to effects of the strong magnetic field and powerful radio frequency pulses.

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3D Glass. How stuff works

Have you seen a 3D Film? It is really interesting and the images appear as seen in normal eyes in a  Three dimensional view. Now 3D films, 3D TV etc are popular and we are on the verge of a 3D boom. Special kind of glasses are provided in movie theaters to watch 3D Films. The 3D imaging or 3D animation uses special technology to record the film and special kinds of glasses are necessary to view the film. If you remove these glasses and watch the same movie with naked eyes, the incredible 3D experience would vanish and you would land up viewing distorted/blurred pictures. The 3D effect is due to an illusion of the depth to the viewer. Let us see the trick behind the 3D technology.

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How to Overcome Migraine attack? Solution File 2

Definitely, Migraine is a headache in our life. At any time it can break in Migraine prone individuals with moderate to severe headache in association with many psycho somatic symptoms. The word Migraine came from the Greek word Hemikrania meaning pain on the side of the head. Migraine attack is usually unilateral affecting one half of the head with painful throbbing and associated symptoms like Nausea, Vomiting etc. Photophobia (aversion to light), Phonophobia (irritability to sounds), Visual disturbances, Fatigue etc are also associated with the Migraine attack. Around one third of people with Migraine, perceive an Aura which is a transient visual, motor and sensory disturbance indicating the starting of Migraine attack. As experts say, Migraine is not a disease but a condition triggered by multiple factors which may vary from persons to persons. Let us see the reasons, symptoms and methods to avoid migraine attack.
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