Why Mobile Phone is prohibited in Petrol Outlets? Fact File 8

Answer is simple. Mobile phone can cause an explosion. How this happens? Petrol is  highly inflammable and its gas vapour is present around the outlet in an inflammable form. At the same time,static electricity is also in the atmosphere, and on the surface of objects.

Static electricity in an imbalance in the amount of positive and negative charges within the surface of an object. There is strong e-field around these charges whether the charges are moving or still. Contact induced charge separation’ causes instant static discharges in the form of unnoticed sparks. Static electricity is most often noticed in dry climates. Mobile phone emits very strong radiation which is sufficient to cause sparks due to turbo charging. The same effect is applicable to LPG also. So do not use Mobile phone in Petrol outlets and near LPG cylinder.
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Tsunami Hits

On 11th Friday, a powerful devastating Tsunami slammed the eastern coast of Japan sweeped away homes, vehicles, industrial areas and caused widespread fire and explosion in nuclear plants. Tsunami warnings blanketed the entire Pacific areas, South America, Canada, Alaska and the entire U.S. West Coast. An earth quake with a magnitude of 8.9 caused the tsunami wave which was the fifth largest earth quake in the last hundred years.Reports from various sources show that there occured a slight  tilting in the earth’s axis followed by the massive Tsunami hit on 11th Friday.

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Optically Variable Ink

Optically Variable Ink or OVI is a special kind of ink used as marker in important documents as an anti counterfeiting measure.Depending on the angle of view, the ink shows two colours generally, orange, blue, green etc.The OVI is highly useful to show the authenticity of the documents since the use of the ink is strictly controlled and not available easily.

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