Iris recognition system.How stuff works

Iris is the pigmented screen present in front of the lens of eye. The black melanin pigment in it prevents the entry of harmful rays and restricts the entry of light into the retina. The melanin in the iris consists of two distinct macro molecules called Eumelanin which is brown black in colour and Phenomelanin which is yellow-reddish in colour. The pattern in the Iris is complex and unique that can be used as an identity mark. Biometric method of identification uses the Iris recognition system to record the image of the Iris. The system uses infrared illumination to acquire images of the detailed rich intricate patterns of the iris. Digital template obtained from the iris pattern through mathematical and statistical algorithms allow the identification of an individual because iris pattern is more unique than the finger print.

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Computer borne illness

Living in the modern digital world has benefits but along with the benefits of computer and mobile technology, we are also acquiring permanent health problems. Just like Air borne and Water borne diseases, computer and mobile phone related illness is also increasing.

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Dental Curing Light

Dental curing light is used by the dentists for treating tooth cavity or filling root canal. The therapy involves the targeted action of high intensity light such as UV light to generate heat by concentrating light in the target area. To fill the cavity of tooth, adhesive chemicals such as polymer resin is used which is compressed in the cavity using the UV light. The compression makes the adhesive completely adheres to the inner surface of the tooth .With the introduction of LED curing light, comfortable dental therapy is now possible without generating heat.

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Sleep Physiology

Sleep is the physiological process by which body gets sufficient rest to rejuvenate the cells including the brain cells. It is actually a shift in brain’s activities to slow the basic bodily functions. This shift in the brain’s activity is accompanied by a major shift in the consciousness.

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Hitting 2,00000

The inspiration behind this blog was a mail from WordPress on April 3, 2010 inviting me to start a blog in the 3 GB free space they are providing. After registering the domain, I was in dilemma about the content. After a long thought, I decided to free my electronics and biology contents sleeping well in my PC’s hard disk. The Academic Blog started growing slowly with … Continue reading Hitting 2,00000

Ultrasound Imaging

Ultrasound Imaging or ultrasonography is a diagnostic imaging technique using ultrasound waves. It is used to visualize subcutaneous body structures like tendons, muscles, joints, vessels and internal organs such as heart, kidney etc for possible pathology or lesions. It is possible to perform both diagnosis and therapeutic procedures. Obstetric Sonography is widely used in foetal scanning.

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