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Hitting 2,00000

The inspiration behind this blog was a mail from WordPress on April 3, 2010 inviting me to start a

blog in the 3 GB free space they are providing. After registering the domain, I was in dilemma about the content. After a long thought, I decided to free my electronics and biology contents sleeping well in my PC’s hard disk. The Academic Blog started growing slowly with each addition and now there are 312 articles in the front page and more than 2000 topics spreaded in 41 categories of sub pages with 1317 tags. Till now I have 169 active followers and 67 sharers.

Among my followers, a 5th standard student stands in the lowest level and an Electronics Professor in the highest level.

An Average visits per week is 4000 mostly searching the electronics content. As per Alexa rating, 94.4 % visits are coming from India and the remaining from US and UK.61 Websites linked most of my articles in their websites and most people get the articles through Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Most of the Articles are available in the Google’s first page if the search key word matches with the tag. Blog grown well in one year and two months with 2,00000 hits. Thanks for the encouragement . Keep in touch for more updates.

Blog Ranked

My blog is Ranked by the Google supported Alexa, the web information company. I wish to share the informations with the readers. Past three months traffic to the blog is shown here…. 

Alexa Global Ranking          1318275

Alexa Indian Ranking         91156

                                                              Reputation                              30

                                  Total Visits                              1,60,054

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