5 thoughts on “Images of Components

  1. dear sir,
    this is srinivas mangena ,HOD ,dept of electronics ,Aditya degree college kakinada.
    Your industry for electronics is very appreciable.Please be keep it up.It is very benefical for students.A small suggestion. Giving projects using 8051 microcontroller is very useful for engineering students.

    with regards,

  2. Dear Doctor Mohan..
    Many thanks for your kind sharing of these component images.
    As a beginner in this science, i still confuse how to test these component is it in good condition or not.
    Your explanation about this will be deep appreciated.

    Thank you and be blessed.


  3. Dear Doctor,

    Thank you very much for your shared component images.
    Its very valuable for me as a beginner in electronic science.

    Your amazing writing about detailed function of these components will be looking forward.

    Your sincerely.

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