LED Tube Light Hacked. Home Utility Circuit 9

LED Tube lights are now commonly used to save energy. These are of different types ranging from 12 Watts to 100 Watts. The LED tube light has an LED panel powered by 12 volt LED Drivers. Each section of the panel consists of three 0.5 W White LED chip serially connected with a 20 Ohms (SMD No.200 ) current limiting resistor. Depending on the power output (Watts), the number of 3 LED sections increase. For example, in an 18 W LED Tube light, there will be 36 Chip LEDs (36 / 0.5 W = 18W). In 100 W LED Light, there will be two hundred 0.5 W LED chips. Two or more LED drivers are used to drive the LEDs. Sometimes the LED Tube light fails to light completely. The main reason is the failure of one or more LED driver. Let us see how to repair an LED Tube light.
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Mini Solar Light. Home Utility Circuit 5

IMAGEYou can make this Solar light using only a few components. You need a 3 V Solar panel, two 1.5 V Rechargeable Pen cells and few other components. It is a miniature Portable Solar light that can be placed anywhere like garden, porch or even in an outing place. During day time battery charges from Solar panel and at Sunset, White LED turns on for around 6 hours.
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