Radiation Sensor. Simple Design 27


This circuit tells you how much radiation is coming from electric devices. It picks up the AC hum from the surroundings of electric equipment and electric wiring and blinks the LED to show the radiation level. You can also use this to assess the safe distance from Computer radiation.
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Hum Blocker Circuits. Simple Design 20

Hum is a nuisance in Amplifier circuits which is mainly due to improper filtering of AC fraction from the power supply and improper grounding. Hum will reduce the quality of sound from the speaker. You can easily eliminate the hum from the amplifier to get clear voice.
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Current Flow Indicator

With this simple circuit, you can confirm the flow of current through AC wires without touching the hot wire. It is an ideal circuit to monitor Laptop charger, Battery charger etc. It is also useful to check the flow of current in concealed cables. The circuit gives an LED indication from a distance of 15 cms if current is flowing through a live wire.

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