Automatic Lighting System. Home Utility Circuit 6

downloadSave energy by installing an Automatic lighting system in your home. Connect the external lights to the system, so that it turns on the lights in the evening and turns off in the morning. No daily switching is needed and, it will light the premises of home even if nobody is there. It is too small and can be enclosed in a small plastic case.
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Automatic Porch Light. Utility Gadget.14

Here is a simple Automatic Porch light controlled by an LDR and Triac. It automatically turns on in the evening and turns off in the morning. The circuit is too simple and uses Mains voltage directly. It can be enclosed in a plug in type adapter box.
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Night Active Relay. Utility Gadgets .13

Now you can light your home premises with this Automatic lamp. It turns on in the evening and turns off in the morning. No switch and no manual operation. So it can light the premises even if the inmates are not in home. A simple security measure.

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Child’s Lamp. Beginners Trial 5

Use this Automatic White LED Lamp in the Child’s study room to avoid the panic situation of a sudden power failure. It gives sufficient light to move away from the room. Make it and impress the child.If it is enclosed in Doll with White LED as the head light, the child will be happy.

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Automatic Lamp

Here is a possible solution to prevent the wastage of energy if you forget to switch off the bathroom or terrace lamp. Once it is switched on, it stays on for 22 minutes and then automatically turns off. The lamp will turn on only if the switch is turned off and turned on again.Save Energy. It is precious.

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