Familiarize Electronic Components Part II – Transistors

This section describes the features of Transistors, their working and Pin identification methods.

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Code Reading Lamp

Here is a dual colour lamp to read the code printed on the Transistors and ICs. The code and number printed on the black coloured body of these components are difficult to read if the room light is low since the printing is in faint colour or as impressions. This LED lamp is useful to identify the components easily.

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Unusual LED Indicator

Here is an Unusual LED indicator for the Battery. It turns on fully when the battery voltage is above 13 volts and starts to blink faintly when the voltage drops below 12 volts .Finally the LED turns off  when the voltage drops below 10 volts. Its design is unusual because the LED driver transistor is connected in an unusual way.

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Transistor Coding

Transistor is a semi conductor device which is made as a separate electronic component or as part of integrated circuits. These are made from Silicon or Germanium material. Majority of transistors are Silicon types and they can tolerate high temperature. Transistors may be Bipolar or Field effect transistor.Information for a particular transistor is shown as a code on the body of the transistor.

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