PCB Tester. Start Up Project 2

4AAfter assembling the circuit on the Etched PCB or Perf board, we need a PCB tester to troubleshoot the problems if any. We can test the points on the PCB using a Multimeter to confirm whether current is arriving or not. But this handy tester will give an Audio visual indication. It beeps and lights LED when there is current flow in the test points. It can also be used as a Battery tester. If more than 2V is present in the battery, buzzer beeps and LED lights. If the battery is flat, the tester remains silent.It is a good tool, so learn to build this as your start up project.
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Power Failure Alarm. Home Utility Circuit 29

A2This circuit generates an alarm when the Mains power fails. It can be used as a Lift Alert so that the technician can immediately attend the stopped Lift. It is also helpful to know the power failure in labs where many instruments are switched on continuously.
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Simple Heat Sensor. Beginners’ Trial 1

Here is a 3 component Heat sensor. You can attach it with the heat generating devices like CD player, Inverter etc. When the heat inside the cabinet of the device increases above the set limit, buzzer beeps.
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Heat Sensor

This simple circuit acts as a warning device whenever the temperature exceeds the preset level in its vicinity. It is an ideal circuit to monitor the heat generating devices like PC, Inverter etc.

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Clock Controlled Relay

You can switch on a load such as Water pump automatically at the required time through this Clock Controlled Relay. It uses an ordinary clock to trigger the circuit to switch on the load. The load remains on till it is switched off manually.

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