Plug in Emergency Lamp. Utility Gadgets 1

This Mini portable White LED Emergency Lamp is highly useful in the event of an unexpected power failure. It gives sufficient light in the room. It is too small and is an ideal utility gadget for the use in camp places during journey. It can be plugged in just like a Mobile charger.

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Extra Bright LED Lamp

This simple 1 watt LED lamp can give light equal to 11 watt CFL. It is directly powered from AC using capacitor power supply. The light from this 30 LED lamp can very well illuminate the room and is suitable for reading purpose also.

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Capacitor Power Supply Design

Circuit designers are now experimenting with capacitor based power supply due to its low cost and light weight features. Unlike resistive type power supply, heat generation and power loss is negligible in capacitor power supply.

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Smart Capacitor power supply

This capacitor power supply can deliver 12 volt DC and 100 mA current to power low current devices. It is provided with surge protection and is totally isolated from mains supply using two capacitors in the phase and neutral lines. So the connected device is safe even if the phase and neutral lines changes.

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Electrical Safety

Electricity has very much importance in human life. To run an electric appliance or electronic circuit we need the help of electricity either in the form of AC or DC. Even though electricity is useful to human life, careless handling can cause lethal effects. Electrical safety measures are necessary while dealing with high voltage AC available from the power grid. Ignorance can lead to a fatal shock or fire hazards. Let us see how electricity poses lethal effects on the human body and the safety measures to prevent it. Remember, Electricity travels at the speed of light. Its flow is around 299,460 kilo meters per second so you will not get time to react because you can’t move faster than electricity. So the best way is staying out of its way.

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