Live Wire Scanner. Design Trick 11

Try this single IC circuit for Non contact detection of current in live wires. It can detect the presence of AC from a distance of 30cm or more without touching the bare points of live wire. It is ideal to detect cable break, switch board faults, earth leakage etc. The circuit detects the e.m.f (called AC hum) present around the live wire when the electricity passes. Only a single IC CD4033 can do the trick.
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Design Your Circuit. Part VIII – CD 4033 Counter

Again another Johnson counter IC for digital display. CD4033 is the 5 stage Johnson Decade counter with Decoder. The output decoder converts the Johnson code to a Seven segment decoded output which can drive LED or 7 segment display in numerical values. This IC is widely used in 7 Segment decimal display circuits, Frequency division 7 segment displays, Clocks, Timers etc. Let us see it’s is working and the circuits.

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Heat Sensor

This simple circuit can monitor the heat generating devices like Amplifier, CD player, Inverter etc. The LED in the circuit blinks when the heat inside the device increases above the preset value. To give more visual attraction, a seven segment display is also included which shows a digital display as the temperature increases.

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