Why Cellphone is prohibited in Air Craft? Fact File 10

Cell phone use is not allowed in Air crafts since it may interfere with the signaling system of the Air craft through Electromagnetic compatibility. EMC is the ability of Electronic or Electrical equipment to operate in their intended electromagnetic environment. Most of the electronic equipments are designed to operate within a defined margin of safety and performance without causing breakdown due to the interference of electromagnetic field.

The strong electromagnetic field from Mobile phones, Radio transmitters, Wireless devices etc creates the Electromagnetic pollution, the commonly called “Electronic Smog”. As a result of these emissions, normal working of other sensitive electronic devices will be affected. More and more Microprocessor based electronic equipments are now in use and these electronic systems are susceptible to interference from radiating devices. The presence of EMC can cause sudden breakdown of delicate microprocessor based equipments. . Let us see the facts behind the Electromagnetic radiation.
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Cell Phone Misuse and Safety

Everyone has a Mobile phone. Due to its popularity, and convenience it became a part of our daily life and many are in a state of Tech-addiction. Mobile Phone is a Real Friend but ……. inconsiderate, annoying, discourteous in public places if it is misused. It is affecting our life in many ways due to its over use. Over use of Mobile phone creates health problems, social problems and even alters our behavior to a certain extent. See how an excellent electronic device is becoming a problem when it is misused.

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