Mobile Phone. How Stuff Works

A Mobile phone is an electronic device used for mobile telecommunications over a cellular network of specialized base stations known as cell sites. A cell phone offers full Duplex Communication and transfer the link when the user moves from one cell to another. As the phone user moves from one cell area to another, the system automatically commands the Mobile phone and a cell site with a stronger signal, to switch on to a new frequency in order to keep the link.

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How to Avoid Mobile phone related Accidents? Solution File 4

Mobile phone makes accidents? Occasionally, it is the main reason for accidents in roads and railway tracks. How it happens? Answer is simple. Due to cognitive loading and in attention blindness, the user gives more priority to the cellphone talk than the social situation. With the advancement of technology and a sudden drop in the cost of cellphone use, every person has a cellphone in his pocket or bag. But majority ignore the facts like how, where or when it should be used. Let us see the impacts of cellphone use in public life and how it leads to accidents.

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How Mobile phone communicates? Fact File 34

Definitely Mobile phone is an excellent communicating device. But it is not a new invention but the improvisation of the crude wireless device invented by Perry Long in 1940.The first fully Automatic mobile phone system, called MTA (Mobile Telephone system A), was developed by Ericsson and commercially released in Sweden in 1956.

In April 1973, Dr Martin Cooper, former general manager for the systems division at Motorola, invented the mobile phone prototype and he made the first call to Joel Engel, his research rival, head of research at Bell Labs. This is the first Mobile phone call.

Mobile phone is primarily designed for Voice communication. In addition to the standard voice function, new generation mobile phones support many additional services, and accessories, such as SMS ( Short Messaging Service) for text messaging, email, packet switching for access to the Internet, gaming, Bluetooth, camera with video recorder and MMS ( Multi Media Messaging Service) for sending and receiving images, video ,songs etc.

The mobile phone system is referred to as cellular telephone system because the coverage area is divided into “cells “each of which has a base station antenna.The mobile phone tower can communicate to 8 mobile phones in 1 second through time sharing method. The signals are in the form of packets to give two way transmission.

The secret of the mobile phone is its SIM (Subscriber Identification Module).The SIM is a form of digital Smart Card containing the user’s subscription information and a phone book. SIM Securely stores the service subscriber key having 15 digits. First 3 digits indicates Mobile country code, Second 2 digits indicate Mobile network code and the Third 10 digits indicates the Mobile station identification number ( Local station that is connecting).

When you first activates the SIM card, every details like, mobile phone make, pin number, area code, area of activation, server code etc will be recorded automatically in the SIM as well as in the server data base. So it is easy to trace the mobile communication and location if there is a complaint regarding misuse. Let us see what is happening when we use the Cell phone...

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Why Mobile Phone is prohibited in Petrol Outlets? Fact File 8

Answer is simple. Mobile phone can cause an explosion. How this happens? Petrol is  highly inflammable and its gas vapour is present around the outlet in an inflammable form. At the same time,static electricity is also in the atmosphere, and on the surface of objects.

Static electricity in an imbalance in the amount of positive and negative charges within the surface of an object. There is strong e-field around these charges whether the charges are moving or still. Contact induced charge separation’ causes instant static discharges in the form of unnoticed sparks. Static electricity is most often noticed in dry climates. Mobile phone emits very strong radiation which is sufficient to cause sparks due to turbo charging. The same effect is applicable to LPG also. So do not use Mobile phone in Petrol outlets and near LPG cylinder.
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Mobile Detector

This is my most popular circuit published in Electronics For You.This Mobile Bug detects an active mobile phone from a distance of 2 meters radius even in the silent mode.It detects incoming calls,outgoing calls,SMS,MMS,Video recording etc.It beeps at the moment it detects a mobile phone activity.It is an ideal device to check unauthorized use of mobile phones in restricted areas such as Confidential rooms, examination … Continue reading Mobile Detector