Portable Solar Generator. Start Up Project 16

7AWhat will do if you are in a place where AC is not available to power your gadgets ? You can carry this Portable Solar Generator to a Picnic spot where AC is not available. It lights a CFL to provide sufficient light and AC for charging Mobile Phone, Tablet etc and can even play a small CD player. Alternately you can use the unit in home during Power Outage days. It converts the 12 V DC from the battery to 220V AC to light the CFL. It has a bulb holder to fix the CFL and an AC outlet to tap AC for other purposes. It uses a simple 20 Watts CFL Driver board to converts DC to AC. The battery can be charged using a 12 V Solar panel or 12V DC Adapter. The battery used in this unit is 12V 3 Ah (3 Ampere Hour) rechargeable Lead acid battery which can power the CFL many hours.
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Why CFL gives bluish white light? Fact File 17

Compact Fluorescent Lamp was developed with aim of energy conservation. CFL requires a start up time to attain full brightness. The light colour is slightly greenish at power on which changes to blue white after the warm up period of a few minutes. This bluish white colour is due to the presence of Ultraviolet rays from the  excited mercury vapour. The CFL has a resonant converter to generate high frequency AC to excite the mercury vapour filled inside the tube. The excited mercury atoms generate UV rays that produces fluorescence in the Phosphor coating of the tube. The phosphor coating then emits visible light with some UV fraction that gives bluish white colour to the light.

Unlike ordinary bulb, CFL generates secondary light. The light is not directly from the filament, but from the phosphor coating. Actually this secondary light is not friendly for the eyes since the human eye is adapted for natural direct lights such as sunlight and light from flame. UV ray is also not good for the eyes. Low quality CFL generates large amount of UV rays. This can cause eye strain if the light is viewed long time.

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Compact Fluorescent Lamp

Compact Fluorescent Lamp or CFL is the energy saving lamp designed to provide adequate light at the expense of low current.CFL uses less power around one fifth of an ordinary bulb and has long life.CFL is designed to emit Soft white light using the phosphor formulations.CFL comes in two forms like integrated and non integrated CFLs. In integrated type, the tube combines with an electronic ballast as a single unit while in non integrated type, ballast and tube are separate units so that the tube can be replaced.AC and DC CFLs are available.CFL generally has a life span of 6000 to 20000 hours.

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