LED Indicator for Emergency Lamp. Start Up Project 39

charge-indicator-2-aMost of the low cost LED Emergency lamps do not have LED indicators to show charging and load on conditions. This simple circuit solves the problem. It can be hooked in the Emergency lamp. A Green LED lights when the charging is going on and turns off when the charger is disconnected or power fails. It gives a good indication that current is flowing to the battery. A Red LED lights when the load turns on. It also indicates that charging process stopped.
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Charge Indicator. Home Utility Circuit .15

1BHere is a simple solution to confirm whether a battery is charging or not. This tiny circuit can be hooked between the charger and the 9V or 12V battery. When the circuit is connected to the charger, LED remains off. But when the battery is connected, LED turns on. At first, the LED brilliantly lit indicating that current is flowing to the battery. Once the battery is fully charged LED turns dim. So it confirms
1. Battery is properly connected
2. Current is flowing from the charger to the battery.
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