Load ON / OFF Indicator

This  circuit can indicate the ON / OFF status of AC Loads. Two high bright LEDs indicate the power ON and power OFF status of the load connected to the AC outlet. It is highly useful to avoid the wastage of electricity if devices like heater, electric iron, Soldering iron etc are switched on unnecessarily for long time.

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High Bright LED Emergency Lamp

Here is a High efficiency Emergency Lamp using High bright White LEDs. It automatically turns on when power fails and turns off when power resumes. It is powered by a 6 volt 4.5 Ah rechargeable battery which can power the LEDs for a long period.

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Data Logger

Data logging is the technique used to measure and record the physical parameters over a period of time. This method is used in various applications like environmental monitoring, health monitoring, machinery monitoring, vehicle data logging etc. Common measurements in Data logging include measurement of temperature, pressure, voltage, strain, force, acceleration, current etc. Data logger is a paperless chart recorder that measures the physical parameters and converts them in to digital data. Data logger has built in display or facility to transfer the data into the PC. The data can be stored for long time and it is easy to generate the report at any time. Data loggers are more easy to use than the Real Time Data Acquisition Systems and Chart Recorders.

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