Rescue your deleted Photos


Here is a method to recover accidentally lost data from Smart phone, Flash drive, Memory card etc. The rescue procedure is simple and you can transfer the data including images and video to the PC drive. The Photo rescue software is ready for that and within minutes you can see the vanished photos . Just follow the steps.
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Why Pen drive is more dangerous than CD? Fact File 39

Malware infection is very easy through the Pen drive when compared to the infection from a CD. Flash drive, the commonly called Pen drive is a small sized hard disk ranging from 2GB to 64 GB memory size. It is very convenient to carry the computer data in a pen drive so most of us use this device. Unlike CD, virus infection occurs at the moment when we insert the infected Pen drive into the USB port. Virus infection from a CD takes place only when we open or copy the infected files. So we get time to see whether there is any infected file or not. Some new generation malwares first get into the C-drive and from there, spreads the infections to other drives like D, E etc. So if this occurs, we have to format all the drives and the files will be removed permanently.

Antivirus programmes like K7 has Pen drive immunization facility so that we can immunize the pen drive to prevent the entry of virus from an infected computer. Like Pen drive, the SD card, MicroSD TF cards etc are also susceptible to virus attack.

Computer Virus is a program that infects some executable software of the computer and causes that software, when run, to spread the virus to other executable software. The virus may also contain a payload which performs other actions, often malicious. A Computer worm is the program which actively transmits itself over a network to infect other computers. It too may carry a payload. The difference between the Virus and Worm is that the virus requires user intervention to spread, whereas a worm spreads automatically. Infections transmitted by email or Microsoft Word documents, which depends on the recipient opening a file or email to infect the system, can be called as viruses rather than worms.

The first network-borne infectious programs, originated in multitasking Unix systems. The first well-known worm was the Internet Worm of 1988, which infected SunOS and VAX BSD systems. It exploited the security holes in the network server programs and started itself running as a separate process.

Some common Computer malwares are Trogen, Rootkit,Backdoor,Botnet,Non resident virus, Resident virus, BanCos,Gator,LegMir,Qhost, Multipartite virus etc. Commom Mobile phone virus are SpaSMS, Spim, Cabir, Duts, Skulls, Common Warrior etc.

Let us see these dangerous programmes and the methods of virus prevention

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Universal Serial Bus

Universal Serial Bus or USB is a plug-and-play interface between the PC and the peripherals. USB is a standard port that helps to connect computer peripherals like scanner, printer, digital camera, flash drive and more to the Computer. The USB standard supports the data transfer at the rate of 12 Mbps. The advantage of USB is that the device can be plugged in or plugged out without the need of restarting the PC. Here explains the working of USB.
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