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Familiarize Electronic Components Part VII – Photodiode

Photodiode is a type of light detector capable of converting light energy into either current or voltage, depending upon the mode of operation. Photodiodes are similar to typical semiconductor diodes except that they may be either exposed or packaged with a window to allow light to reach the sensitive part of the device.

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Inverter Battery Charger with Cut Off

The Blog Stat shows that most of the readers are interested in Battery Maintenance as indicated in the Tag cloud. So I wish to post a Friendly Charger circuit for the battery. This Battery charger can replenish any kind of 12 V Inverter battery or Car battery and keep it in top condition. The charger never allows the battery to Over charge or Deep discharge. It automatically charges the battery when its terminal voltage drops below 12 volts and switch off the charging process when the terminal voltage rises to 13.5 volts. So that the battery can be kept unattended.

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