Free Energy from Computer Fan. Start Up Project 11

6AIt is not a wonder but a real fact that, we can light a 3 V 1 Watt LED without any battery power. You can harvest that much “Free Energy” from a Computer cooling Fan that is resting in the Junk box. A Computer Fan generates around 1.5 Volts with a current of around 80 mA during its full speed rotation when coming close to a Table Fan. By adding a Joule Thief circuit, we can boost this 1.5V to around 4 volts. Well, that is a good idea. When the Computer Fan is close to a Table fan, the forcing wind from the Table Fan starts to rotate the Computer fan in its full speed. The 1.5V thus generating from the Computer fan appears in its connecting wires. Joule Thief takes this voltage and boosts it to 4V. It is sufficient to light a 3 V 1 Watt LED. The Computer Fan used in the project is an original one without any manipulation and not like the one found in some videos with a hidden battery. Let us see the “Free Energy Magic”. You can also name it as “Wind Power Project”.
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Neodymium Magnet Idea 2. Start Up Project 10

15AYour friends will wonder when they see a Computer Fan lighting an LED by generating Free electricity. Do you believe, the Computer Fan generates electricity when it rotates? Definitely very minute voltage of less than 1 volt is generating at full speed. But it is not sufficient to light an LED. So what happens when some Neodymium Magnets are placed on the Computer fan? Nothing happens specially because the Computer fan has 4 Electromagnets that become magnets only when we give 12 volt DC to it. So the Neodymium magnets are simply  resting on the Computer Fan without doing anything. So let us do one Magic to trick your friends. Don’t forget to the reveal the trick after showing it because it is bad to fool others
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