Diode in action Circuit Clinic 3


What is the function of a diode in the circuit? It  simply act as a switch to pass current only in one direction from Anode to Cathode. So it is essential in all most all circuits. Diodes are semiconductor devices with a p-n junction to allow the one way flow of current. This condition is the forward biasing. If the current flow is reversed, the diode enters into the reverse biased mode and prevents the flow of current. Diodes perform many functions in an electronic circuit like rectification, clamping, protection, voltage multiplication, signal detection etc. Major types of diodes are power diodes, signal diodes, zener diodes, photo diodes, LED etc. Schottky diodes are fast recovery diodes ideal for switching applications.
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Timely Beeper

You can fix this circuit in the switch board that provides power to the loads such as Water heater, Electric Iron etc to remind you that the load is switched on. LED blinks indicating the load on status and the buzzer beeps every 30 minutes. This helps to prevent the wastage of energy usually happens when we forget to switch off these devices. This can be also used to remind, if remote lights such a terrace light is switched on unnoticed.

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