Trick to See Infrared

Have you seen Infrared rays so far? It is difficult to see because it is beyond the spectral response of our eye. Our photosensitive cells in the retina detect only the visible light in the range 450-750 nm. But many animals can see infrared spectrum lying above 900nm.Then what we can do to check whether, the Infrared LED in our project is working or not. A Digital camera can solve the problem. See how it detects the infrared.

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Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging is the technique of Infrared imaging to produce infrared images called Thermograms. Thermal imaging is also known as Infrared Thermography or Thermal Video. It uses the infrared energy above 900 nano meters. The Thermal imaging is based on the Black Body radiation law which states that all objects emit infrared radiation at room temperature. Passive infrared radiation in very high in warm blooded animals especially in Mammals and by using a Thermal imaging Camera, the warm blooded animals can be viewed in total darkness.

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