Image theft

Image theft is the unauthorized copying and use of Images and Photographs from documents including the electronic media. Some people are ignoring this matter and simply downloading, modifying and using the image in their websites or blogs without seeking the permission of the author. But most of the people are aware about the copy right rules and they do not use the image if there is a copy right symbol. Now the use of internet activity is very high and there are websites especially electronics websites uploading the original images painfully made by designers as their own. Some are interested in comparing circuit designs with their own circuits and trying to attract people to their websites. If you use the photo of a scenery or gadget, it will not harm much but it is serious if you use an artistic work, circuit design or rare image without permission. How to solve these problems? Here are some tips to protect your images even though it will not give sufficient protection since a tricky thief can do many things.

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