How to calculate domestic power consumption? Fact File 24

Electronic Energy Meter (EEM) is used to meter the domestic power consumption for a prescribe period, say one month. The Electronic Energy Meter (EEM) functionally outperforms the traditional Ferrari’s wheel meter. The EEM has many advantages.

1. It reduces the cost of theft and corruption on electricity distribution network with electronic designs and prepayment interfaces.

2. Electronic energy meter measures current in both Phase and Neutral lines and calculate power consumption based on the larger of the two currents.

3. EEM improves the cost and quality of electricity distribution.

Most of the electric appliances consume large amount of current. Heater, Electric iron, Mixi, Grinder, Fridge etc are current hungry appliances. Their uncontrolled use will definitely increase the bill and may change the tariff. If these instruments are kept ON for many hours, your electricity bill will be really shocking. Old humming fan, CRT based TV, Fridge with defroster (its heater switches on frequently to melt the Ice.) etc can also increase the current consumption. Use of these high current devices during the peak hours (when voltage drops) will double the current consumption.

The EEM has a Imp / kWh LED which blinks to indicate Impulses per Kilo Watt Hour. Normally if a 100 watts bulb burns for 1 minute, the pulse rate of LED in the EEM will be 5.3 blinks per minute. + or – 5 times can be considered as normal. If the blinking rate is very high, your EEM is showing a wrong reading and you will be forced to pay more. It is very easy to monitor the power consumption and we can reduce the bill considerably. Remember! unlike mechanical meter, Electronic energy meter will sense very small amount of current. Even a glowing indicator lamp in the switch board will cost something.

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Electronic Energy Meter

An Electronic Energy Meter (EEM) functionally outperforms the traditional Ferrari’s wheel meter. One important advantage of EEM is that in non linear loads, its metering is highly accurate and electronic measurement is more robust than that of the conventional mechanical meters. The Power companies benefits from EEM in three significant ways

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