Kid’s Emergency Lamp. Home Utility Circuit 13

imagesThis is a Tiny Emergency Lamp for the Kid’s room to avoid the Panic situation during a power failure. It turns on a White LED instantly when the light in the room goes off due to power outage. It is too small in size, portable and battery operated. It can be enclosed in small plastic case. Its cost is Rs. 50 only including the battery.
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Automatic Lighting System. Home Utility Circuit 6

downloadSave energy by installing an Automatic lighting system in your home. Connect the external lights to the system, so that it turns on the lights in the evening and turns off in the morning. No daily switching is needed and, it will light the premises of home even if nobody is there. It is too small and can be enclosed in a small plastic case.
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Kid’s Lamp. Simple Design 17

Child's Lamp 2

This simple White LED lamp is useful in Kid’s study room to get light when power fails. It avoids the Panic situation of sudden darkness and the Kid can go out easily. It turns on immediately when the room light turns off. It is too small, Matchbox size and is Battery operated. It remains off during daytime if there is day light in the room.
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Sunset Lamp. Design Note 45


Many people leave the outdoor lights switched on as a safety measure while going for a long journey. The light will be on during day time also wasting lot of power and money. So here is a simple solution to avoid this. This circuit lights the premises of your home even if you are not there. It is fully automatic and turns on  Bulbs or CFLs at Sunset and turns off at Sunrise. So no need for daily switching. The circuit can run 250 watts load so many lamps can be connected. It is too compact and costs only Rs. 50 without power supply and the total cost will be around Rs.150. So once it is connected, we need not remember to switch on / off the outdoor lights. It will do its job at the right time.
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Battery Protector for Emergency Lamp

Emergency lamps do not have a facility to prevent the deep discharge of battery if the lamp remains on during day time. The fluorescent lamp filament also damages if it is glowing in low battery voltage. This causes blackening of the filament side that indicates the damaged filament. So we have to switch off the lamp in the morning and switch it on again in the evening. By adding this circuit in the emergency lamp, you can reduce the job of daily switching. This circuit offers two advantages

1. It prevents unnecessary discharge of battery during daytime
2. It charges the battery only during night. This save energy and prevents overcharging of the battery.

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