Piezo Electricity Generator. Start Up Project 8

9AFun! Light an LED briefly by tapping on a Piezo element used in the buzzer. Enjoy the wonder of lighting the LED by your finger tapping on the Piezo element. Piezo electricity is the natural electricity generating from Piezo ceramic material. Piezo ceramic material like Lead Ziconate Titanate has the property to generate a tiny current when its crystals are mechanically disturbed through pressure or heat. At the same time, if a voltage applied to the Piezo ceramic material, it vibrates. This property is used in Piezo buzzers to generate sound.Let us see the Fun
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Vibration Alarm using Piezoelement. Sensor Circuit 15

You can make a simple Knock Alarm using a Piezoelement. The Piezo element used in buzzers has a film of Piezoelectric material called Lead Zirconate Titanate. The crystals of this material generates around 1 volt when it is mechanically or thermally stressed. This principle is used to make this vibration sensor.

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Familiarize Electronic Components Part XIII – Piezo Buzzer

Piezo buzzer is the handy sound generator used in electronic circuits to give audio indication .It is widely used as alarm generator in electronic devices. It is available in various types and size to suit the requirements. A Piezo buzzer has a Piezo disc and an oscillator inside. When the buzzer is powered, the oscillator generates a frequency around 2-4 kHz and the Piezo element vibrates accordingly to produce the sound. An ordinary Piezo buzzer works between  3 – 12 volts DC.

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