Relay for LED Emergency Light. Home Utility Circuit 26

1AWhy going for a complex circuit to make an Emergency Light automatic? Now different types of low cost Portable LED Emergency lights are available but these are not automatic in function. A Mobile charger like adapter is supplied along with these for charging. But we have to turn on / off the light manually using the switch. We can easily convert these kinds of Emergency lights into automatic so that when the power fails, the light turns on and when the power resumes, it turns off and enter into charging mode. We need only one relay and a diode for this. The advantage of the relay is that, full current will flow to the LED panel to get maximum brightness.
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LED Panel Emergency Lamp. Home Utility Circuit 21


You can make an LED Emergency lamp easily using the LED Panel available now. The lamp turns on when the power fails and turns off when the power resumes. When the mains power is available, the 12 V 7.5 Ah battery charges. Since LED panel is used, the emergency light can have a back up time of many hours. You can make 9 Watt or 18 Watt Emergency lamp using the circuit presented here.Its Backup time will be 10 Hours.Its cost will be around Rs. 950. Of these, the battery alone costs Rs.800. If properly maintained, the battery will last more than 4 years.

Designed and developed by D.Mohankumar

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Emergency Light. Home Utility Circuit 10

emergency-lightMake your own Emergency light using only a few components. It is powered by a 4 V 2 Ah Mini Lead Acid battery and uses Six 0.5 Watts White LED. Its output will be 3 Watts. Let us start to make it.
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Relay Controlled Emergency Lamp. Beginner’s Trial 11

This White LED Emergency light uses a Relay for the automatic working when power fails. When the Mains power is available, the relay allows the battery to charge and when the power fails, the relay switches on the emergency light. Too simple working ,and no complicated circuits. This Circuit is designed on request from Thomas PD.

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Picnic lamp

This simple White LED lamp switches on when its surroundings turn dark. It is an ideal portable lamp in picnic sites. It uses solar power for charging the battery and an LDR for automatic switching.

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