Mains Flasher. Home Utility Circuit 12

1CImagine how much electricity wastage occurs when the Electric Iron or Water heater left switched on for many hours unknowingly after the use. Don’t worry; hook up this tiny circuit in the existing Socket where the device is connected. It will flash brilliantly and reminds you to switch off the device after its use. Its cost is just Rs.10 but it saves hundreds of rupees. Probably, this is the simplest LED Flasher that operates in Mains. Check it
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LED Flasher. Design Note 34


This is a simple but useful LED flasher that can be used as power on indicator or along with alarms. Simply you can use it as a Mock Alarm in the gate or door to baffle the intruders. Do this very simple circuit and it can be an evening project for you that take only 10 minutes to complete.
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