Kid’s Lamp. Simple Design 17

Child's Lamp 2

This simple White LED lamp is useful in Kid’s study room to get light when power fails. It avoids the Panic situation of sudden darkness and the Kid can go out easily. It turns on immediately when the room light turns off. It is too small, Matchbox size and is Battery operated. It remains off during daytime if there is day light in the room.
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AC Powered LED. Design Note 47

This is the simplest type of a Night lamp that gives ample light in a confined area. It is a White LED lamp directly powered by 230 Volt AC. It uses only four components and can be enclosed in a three pin plug that can be plugged into the socket. It also functions as Power on Indicator, Cupboard light, Baby’s bed lamp etc. Its cost is just Rs.20 and power consumption is very low.
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Varying brightness LED Lamp.Sensor Circuit 11

This simple White LED lamp can be used in areas where little light is needed. It uses a High bright white LED and its brightness depends on the ambient light in the room. In dark, it give maximum light and in light it switches off. If the light intensity is low, it gives moderate light.
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Extra Bright LED Lamp

This simple 1 watt LED lamp can give light equal to 11 watt CFL. It is directly powered from AC using capacitor power supply. The light from this 30 LED lamp can very well illuminate the room and is suitable for reading purpose also.

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