LED Strobe Light. Simple Design 26

You can use this Flashing LED light for Projects, Model vehicles, Toys etc. It blinks in a peculiar fashion with bursting flashes.
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Plant Wilt Sensor. Simple Design 18


This simple circuit tells you whether your Interior plant requires water or not. When the soil dry up, the Red LED lights to inform you that, the plant needs water. So this saves the life of your valuable interior plants.
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Fun with LED. Simple Design 15


LED is a wonderful semiconductor without which a circuit is generally incomplete. LEDs are used mainly as indicators to show whether the output of a particular section of the circuit is working or not. Let us see some simple circuits using LEDs that you can try.
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LED Chaser .Simple Design 13

You can make a simple LED Chaser circuit using only a few components. Try it and enjoy its working.
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Battery level Indicator. Design Note 35

Usually we use a battery level indicator along with rechargeable battery to monitor the voltage level. If the Lead Acid battery is deeply discharged below a particular voltage level ,Memory effect develops and the battery never attains full charge later. So it is necessary to monitor the safe voltage level in the battery. A 12 volt Lead Acid battery shows 13.8 volts in fully charged condition and it should not deep discharge below 9 volts. If it happens, immediate charging is required to maintain the health of  battery.

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LED Flasher. Design Note 34


This is a simple but useful LED flasher that can be used as power on indicator or along with alarms. Simply you can use it as a Mock Alarm in the gate or door to baffle the intruders. Do this very simple circuit and it can be an evening project for you that take only 10 minutes to complete.
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Smart Solar Charger. Design Note 31

IMAGEYou can make a simple Current regulated Charger for your Solar Panel. It safely charges the 12 volt battery with a constant current of 540 Milli Amperes. It needs only a few components and can be hooked between the Solar panel and the battery. It also has an LED charge indicator and a revere polarity protection diode.
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