How TFT Monitor gives clear image ? Tech Focus 3

Quality of image is far better in TFT monitor than the LCD monitor, This is because TFT monitor uses Thin Film Transistor (TFT) technology to enhance the contrast and addressability of the image. It is a variant of the  Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) that uses  matrix LED technology to provide clarity, brightness etc of the monitor. TFT monitors are now common in TV, Computer, Mobile phone etc.

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LCD Monitor

An LCD basically consists of two glass plates with some liquid crystal material between them. The LCD has an electrically controlled light polarising liquid trapped in cells between two transparent polarising sheets. The polarising axes of the two sheets are aligned perpendicular to each other. Each cell in the LCD has electrical contacts that permit an electric field into the liquid present inside the LCD cell.

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TFT Monitor

Thin Film Transistor LCD (TFT-LCD) monitors are now popular in electronics field. It is a variant of the ordinary Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) that uses thin film transistor technology to enhance the quality of image such as contrast and addressability. It is a form of Active matrix LCD used in Computer monitor, Mobile phones, TV etc.

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