Mains Tester cum Night Lamp. Home Utility Circuit 20

MAINS-MONITOR-2Here is a dual purpose LED light powered directly from 230V AC. It indicates whether power is available or not in the Three pin socket. Its second function is that, it is a very good Night lamp giving sufficient light in the room. If it is plugged in the Mains box, it shows whether domestic power supply is present or not and also gives light in the Mains box to work in night. Its cost is just Rs. 15.

Designed and developed by D.Mohankumar

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Load ON / OFF Indicator

This  circuit can indicate the ON / OFF status of AC Loads. Two high bright LEDs indicate the power ON and power OFF status of the load connected to the AC outlet. It is highly useful to avoid the wastage of electricity if devices like heater, electric iron, Soldering iron etc are switched on unnecessarily for long time.

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