How to make a Mini Power Bank

Don’t throw away the old Mobile battery. The high efficiency Lithium Ion battery can be reused to make a Mini Power bank useful as a Travel Mobile charger. For this, you needs a Lithium battery charger Module and a Mobile charger module in addition to the battery. Both modules will cost around Rs.100.
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Power Bank. Simple Design 23


Here is a Power Bank for charging your Mobile phone while traveling or in the event of power failure. This power bank can deliver 4.5 Volts with reasonable current to charge the Mobile phone quickly. It can charge the Mobile phone 3-4 times . The Power bank uses a 4.5 V Rechargeable battery that can be charged using the Mobile phone charger or from the USB port.
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Make a Joule Thief. Design Note 20

Joul-Thief-CircuitJoule thief circuit is a self oscillating voltage booster circuit that gives high volt from low volt, say 3 volt from 1.5 volt. So by exploiting this property, we can light a 3 volt LED using 1.5 volt pen cell or charge a mobile phone from 3 volt solar cell or two 3 volt pen cells. It is called as “Joule thief” because it is stealing energy or joules from the battery. Let us design the Joule thief circuit.

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DC Mobile Charger. Utility Gadgets .11

You can use this simple Mobile charger using 6 volt Emergency lamp battery. Take an out from the Emergency lamp battery using a Mono jack socket and plug in this charger into it using a Jack. On the other end, connect it to the mobile phone using a suitable jack. Full safe, no damage due to power line spikes, lightning etc. It also drains the emergency lamp battery which is good for its life because it is sleeping most days without use. You can also use the same circuit for 12 volt car battery .

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