How Cell phone changes our Life? – Fact File 4

Cellphone is not a play device. It is the strongest of all electronic devices using radio waves. Unlike other wireless devices, Cell phone uses frequency in the Gigahertz range close to the Microwave band. Why it uses this frequency? Cellphone requires strongest signals free from interferences to make continuous link with the far located tower (normally 2 km radius) and the satellite. Just observe the range indicator. It is always moving which indicates the effort to make the link. If it is not getting the link, automatically it will jump to another tower. During this effort, very high bursts of radiating energy will spread around us. This kind of high energy radiation is not seen in any domestic appliances. The problem is severe since the Cellphone is always close to the body.

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Cell Phone Misuse and Safety

Everyone has a Mobile phone. Due to its popularity, and convenience it became a part of our daily life and many are in a state of Tech-addiction. Mobile Phone is a Real Friend but ……. inconsiderate, annoying, discourteous in public places if it is misused. It is affecting our life in many ways due to its over use. Over use of Mobile phone creates health problems, social problems and even alters our behavior to a certain extent. See how an excellent electronic device is becoming a problem when it is misused.

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