Telephone Locator. Sensor Circuit.3

You can easily attend a Telephone call in darkness using this White LED lamp. When the Telephone rings, the White LED flashes in sympathy with the rings. So sufficient light will be available to locate the phone to attend the call. This circuit is provided to explain the working of Optocoupler.
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Clock Controlled Relay Driver. Design Trick 14

Don’t miss your favorite TV programme or don’t forget to irrigate garden. This clock controlled circuit will actuate a relay to switch on the AC load to perform the function at the right time. Operation of the circuit is simple. It receives the triggering pulse from the buzzer terminals of the clock and an SCR triggers to activate the relay. The only drawback of the circuit is that, it is necessary to switch off the load manually by turning off the power. You can do experimentation to make an automatic operation also.

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Clock Controlled Relay

You can switch on a load such as Water pump automatically at the required time through this Clock Controlled Relay. It uses an ordinary clock to trigger the circuit to switch on the load. The load remains on till it is switched off manually.

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