PIR Sensor Module. Component Guide 2

PIR-2 PIR Sensor Module is one of the new introductions in electronics which is a highly useful device to switch on lights when it detects a human movement. It turns on the lights from 30 seconds to 3 minutes depending on the preset adjustments. Its range can be as high as ten meters which can also be adjusted. The module gives a high output when it detects the human movement. This high output can be used to drive a relay through a switching transistor. Let us see the details of PIR sensor module.
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Familiarize Electronic Components Part XVII – Motion Sensor

These are Electronic devices that detect the presence of Human beings and large Warm blooded animals (Birds and Mammals) from a distance of 5 meters or more. The most advanced form of Motion sensor is the Passive Infra Red sensor or PIR sensor. This electronic device measures the temperature in the infrared from the body of human beings and compares with the background temperature around the sensor and activates the alarm system. The heat from the human body is emitted in the form of Infrared ,and the PIR sensor can detect it from an angle of 45 degree.

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PIR Sensor based Alarm

This Passive InfraRed Alarm system can switch on a Lamp or Alarm when it detects the heat from an object like moving person. The name PIR (Passive Infrared) is given to the sensor because it receives the infrared rays passively and do not emit any infrared ray. The lamp or alarm remains on few minutes depending on the mono time setting of the PIR Sensor used. Ready to fix PIR Sensors are available with Fresnel lens to increase sensitivity and to filter ambient light. Its range is around 5 meters at 45 degree cone angle.

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