Electronic Guard

This circuit can protect your Electronic devices like TV from inrush current. Very high spikes can develop at power on due to sparking in the switch and more serious effects occur when power resumes after a power failure due to high magnetic field in the distribution transformer. When we keep the TV in standby mode through remote, this high inrush current when power resumes can cause its permanent damage.

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Power Outage

Power Outage is the loss of electric power in an area for a short period or long period. It is generally known as Power failure, Power cut or Black out. Power outage is critical in places like Hospitals, Mines, etc where public safety is at risk. So in these sites, alternate power sources like generators or inverters are used to provide uninterrupted power supply. Some important causes of Power Outage include faults in the power station, short circuit, or damage in the transmission lines or the distribution system.

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