Trench MOSFET technology is the newly introduced MOSFET technology in which the gate electrode of the MOSFET is buried in trench etched in Silicon to get a vertical structure to enhance the channel density. The MOSFET using the trench gate is called TrenchMOS or UMOS (since the trench is U shaped).The main feature of TrenchMOS is that it lacks the JFET effect.

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MOSFET is the Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor used for switching applications or to amplify signals. In the MOSFET, a voltage applied to its oxide- insulated gate to induces a conducting channel between the Source and Drain electrodes. This causes the flow of current. The channel may be n-type or p-type and based on this, MOSFETs may be n-MOSFET or p-MOSFET. Previously, metal was used in the gate but now polysilicon is used in the gate but the efficiency is more in metal made gate channel.

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