Familiarize Electronic Components Part XI – Timer IC 555

IC 555 is the most popular timer IC used in various applications. It is used both in analogue and digital circuits to generate short duration pulses. This single IC can be used in various modes like Monostable, Astable, Bistable, Schmitt trigger etc. It is important to know the internal details and working of this IC before using in a circuit. If it is not properly used, the result will not be satisfactory and there is chance for false triggering of the circuit.

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Timer for Charger

Some Microcontroller based Laboratory instruments such as Digital balance, pH Meter etc have rechargeable battery inside. This inbuilt battery should be properly charged for the error free operation of these instruments. If the instrument is not using (or charging) for long time, its inbuilt battery will be destroyed permanently. This timer circuit helps to keep the battery in top condition through automatic charging for 5 to 6 hours daily so that the instrument can be left unattended. The battery will be charged only during the day time.

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