How to connect 7 segment display in circuits

7 segment display is used in Counter circuits, Temperature sensing circuits, Timers, Clock circuits etc. Let us see its pins and way of connection Continue reading “How to connect 7 segment display in circuits”


Heat Sensor

This simple circuit can monitor the heat generating devices like Amplifier, CD player, Inverter etc. The LED in the circuit blinks when the heat inside the device increases above the preset value. To give more visual attraction, a seven segment display is also included which shows a digital display as the temperature increases.

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Music Bell with In / Out Indicator

Here is a simple Music Bell with  In and Out indicator. The bell as well as the display turns on for 2 minutes and stop automatically. The circuit uses the popular ROM IC UM66 to generate music tone and a common cathode 7 segment display to show In or Out.

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7 Segment Display

It is the LED or LCD based display for showing the decimal numerals or letters in electronic devices such a meters and digital clocks. It consists of seven LEDs (LCD) which turn or off individually or combine to produce Arabic numerals. In the 7 segment display, the display segments are arranged obliquely for increasing the readability.

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